How to do SEO Audit for Your Website – 8 Steps

How to do SEO Audit

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Get started how to do SEO audit on improving your website online capabilities with a user-friendly technical website audit!

This process, like a thorough audit, digs deep into on page seo audit the essential technical aspects of your website ensuring everything is in place for peak performance in search engine rankings.

In this easy-to-use guide, we’ll discuss the nature of this test we explain how long it takes and reveal a simple eight-step process and site audit tool to help you test your site with confidence.

Together, let’s make your website shine in the digital landscape!

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

Are you starting the adventure of a technical site audit to all your pages? Let’s start by understanding its purpose It’s like taking a health exam from the inside out!

Think of it like a friendly doctor looking at all the behind-the-scenes factors that affect your website’s visibility on search engines.

This audit is your website’s spa day covering everything from crawling and indexing to on-page elements, images, links, site speed and friendliness with mobile devices.

It’s about ensuring that your digital space is not only healthy, but thriving in the bustling online world.

So grab your search engine optimization SEO site audit tool and get ready for a friendly, in-depth review technical seo issues to ensures your website is in top shape to stand out in the digital crowd!

How long does a SEO audit take?

SEO audit take?

A SEO audit is like embarking on a digital adventure and its duration depends on the size of your website.

For comfortably small to medium sized sites, consider this a short hike that can take a few days.

Now, if your digital abode resembles a vast castle with intricate details prepare yourself for a leisurely journey that could last a few weeks.

The trick is to approach the audit with enthusiasm, patience and a little bit of thoroughness, making sure to explore every nook and cranny.

Think of it like tending your online garden, where every plant or in this case, every website deserves a close, friendly examination to grow in the larger context of the Internet.

8 Steps to do an SEO Audit your website

Crawl your website

Start your audit on a positive note by crawling your website with user-friendly seo audit tools like Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SEMRush or Google Search Console.

This friendly process unveils your site’s blueprint helping you spot potential hiccups like broken links, duplicate content, title tag or those sneaky missing meta description tags.

Think of it as giving your website a cozy check-up, ensuring it’s in tip-top shape for a seamless online experience.

So, grab a cup of virtual tea and calmly navigate through the digital corridors of your site, addressing issues with a friendly wave and a smile.

Your website will thank you with improved functionality and a warm welcoming online presence in search engine.

Spotting crawlability and indexation issues

Make friends with search engine by ensuring they can easily explore and understand your website.

Take a friendly stroll through your website backend, checking the robots.txt file and meta robots tags.

These tags are like giving directions to search engines deciding which pages are open for exploration and which should remain a bit private.

crawlability and indexation issues

If there are any hurdles in the path of these digital explorers address them with a smile.

A smooth and welcoming crawlability and indexation process ensures your website becomes a favorite destination for search engine boosting your online presence with a friendly touch.

Checking technical on-page elements

Dive into the world of on-page elements title tags, meta descriptions and header tags like a curious explorer! Check if they’re relevant, unique and following SEO best practices.

Take a friendly stroll through each element ensuring they speak the language of your content effectively.

technical on-page

A calm and approachable demeanor in this exploration guarantees that every page on your website is not just seen but also heard, conveying its purpose with a friendly wave to both users and search engines.

So, let’s embark on this journey with a smile, making sure your website tells its story in the most engaging and SEO-friendly way possible!

Identifying image issues

Make friends with them by optimizing image files for size, adding friendly alt text descriptions, and choosing visuals that vibe with your content.

It’s not just about boosting SEO it’s like giving your website a stylish makeover. When images are on point, your site becomes a visual delight, making visitors feel right at home.

So, embrace the image-friendly practices your users and search engines will thank you with a friendly nod and a boost in rankings!

Analyzing internal links

Internal links is like the secret link juice for your website it not only makes navigation a breeze but also gives search engines a roadmap to explore your content.

Take a friendly stroll through your site’s internal links structure, making sure it’s the Goldilocks of logic not too much, not too little, just right.

Ensure your add internal links are buddies, relevant target keyword to each other pages and not throwing a wild party that confuses visitors.

Approach this analysis like a serene gardener tending to a well-organized flower bed gentle, mindful and aiming for a website structure that’s as cozy as a warm hug.

Checking external links

Check out your external links are they taking your website visitors to other pages trustworthy and relevant spots? Watch out for any broken or toxic links as they can give your website’s street cred a hit.

A friendly tip a chilled-out examination here ensures you’re keeping a digital space that’s reliable and cool.

So, take a peek at those links make sure they’re sending folks to good neighborhoods and keep your website’s reputation as solid as a friendly handshake in the online world!

Site speed and performance

Site speed and performance

Your website’s page speed is like the heartbeat of user experience and search rankings.

Boost it effortlessly by employing tools like Google Page Speed Insights, your trusty sidekick for pinpointing and fixing performance hiccups.

Where pages load in the blink of an eye, creating an environment so seamless that users feel like they’re gliding through your content effortlessly.

Embrace swift loading times and watch as your site becomes a digital sanctuary not just for site visitors but for search engines too.

It’s not just about page speed it’s about crafting a friendly and efficient space for everyone who clicks into your corner of the web.

Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly

Where mobile searches are soaring, having a mobile friendliness website is an absolute game-changer.

Take a moment to ensure your site dances seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes.

A breezy mobile friendliness experience doesn’t just make users happy it also boosts your website’s SEO performance in search engine results.

So, let’s make sure your digital home is not just welcoming but also fits snugly into the palms of your audience creating a friendly and hassle-free space for everyone to explore.

After all, a happy mobile site’s performance is a happy online abode!

5 Other Technical SEO Audit Tools

When it comes to leveling up your website SEO game, you’ve got some friendly allies in the form of handy best seo audit tools.


Think of Ahrefs as your trusty sidekick for backlink analysis and savvy competitor research. It’s the go-to tool for refining your website’s link profile, helping you stay ahead in the digital race.


Meet Moz, your SEO superhero equipped with a suite of tools.

From site audits to keyword research and rank tracking, Moz contributes to a holistic SEO strategy. It’s like having a complete toolkit to tackle all your optimization challenges.


SEMrush is your SEO Swiss Army knife. Dive deep into keyword research, conduct thorough competitor analysis and perform meticulous site audits.

With SEMrush, you’re empowered to make savvy, data-driven decisions for your SEO tools journey.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Ever wondered how fast your web pages are cruising on the internet highway? Google PageSpeed Insights is here to measure their performance on both mobile and desktop, offering insights to fine-tune and optimize your digital ride.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Your website needs to be a smooth operator.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test is your friendly inspector, ensuring your site is not just user-friendly but also ready to charm the ever-growing mobile user base.

Time to make your website mobile-ready and SEO-cool!

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